Canada Grains Council Supports Canada’s Participation in CUSMA Consultations with Mexico, Aims for Science-Based Regulation

June 9, 2023 (OTTAWA, ON) – The Canada Grains Council (CGC) commends the Government of Canada for participating in dispute settlement consultations initiated by the United States (US) last week under the Canada-US-Mexico-Agreement (CUSMA). The CGC is pleased that Canada is taking a strong stand on science-based regulation and rules-based trade.

In February 2023, Mexico re-issued a Presidential Decree that, among other provisions, called for a ban on the use of genetically-modified corn in food and cast uncertainty on the future acceptance of other types of agricultural innovations.

“Farmers need plant science innovations to help them tackle the climate crisis, address food security challenges and remain competitive,” says Krista Thomas, Vice-President of Seed Innovation and Trade Policy for the Canada Grains Council. “Without predictable regulatory systems, it is much harder to get innovation into the hands of farmers.”

Mexico’s decision to ban products with a proven record of safety has far-reaching consequences. Canadian farmers depend on these tools, which play a crucial role in sequestering over 11 million tonnes of greenhouse gases in their soil annually, promoting environmental sustainability, explains Thomas. “Unfortunately, the introduction of Mexico’s Decree has injected uncertainty into North American markets. If this measure is not withdrawn, it has the potential to trigger food price inflation and undermine food security within the intricate supply chains of North America.”

Given these concerns, Thomas concludes, “The grain sector is hopeful the upcoming consultations with Mexico will lead to a quick resolution, without disruption to North American markets or increased risk to food security.”

Canada, the United States and Mexico make up the largest regional trading block in the world, supporting millions of jobs and workers. The CGC recognizes the ongoing efforts by governments to return to a predictable regulatory environment that will support farmers, supply chain resiliency, and predictable trade.


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