Canada Grains Council Commends Launch of Canada Water Agency

Ottawa, ON (May 25, 2023) – The Canada Grains Council (CGC) commends the Government of Canada for fulfilling their Budget 2023 investment by supporting the Canada Water Agency, a significant step towards keeping our water safe, clean and healthy.

CGC supports the federal government’s ongoing work toward data-driven, science-based decision-making that safeguards the environment and Canadians’ well-being while supporting food production.

“Canadians rely on a safe and secure water supply,” emphasizes Rick White, Chair of the Canada Grains Council. “With the establishment of the Canada Water Agency, we have an opportunity to gather concrete evidence regarding the effectiveness of on-farm stewardship practices. This will enable us to prioritize decision-making based on robust scientific data.”

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the Canada Water Agency will play a role as a central hub, uniting stakeholders and jurisdictions to facilitate water resource management. By establishing a centralized platform for information, research, and data coordination, the agency will foster collaboration and policies based on robust data.

“Accurate water data plays a pivotal role in establishing a regulatory framework that bolsters Canada’s commitment to global food security,” emphasizes Erin Gowriluk, President of the Canada Grains Council. “As one of the key players among the seven nations responsible for 80 percent of global grain exports, Canada’s leadership is evident. By leveraging data-driven scientific decisions, Canada can continue to feed a growing global population while safeguarding public health and the environment.”

CGC is fully committed to actively engaging with the Canada Water Agency, working closely alongside industry stakeholders to ensure the sound implementation of its initiatives. CGC eagerly anticipates direct consultation on operational details and evaluation of impacts through value chain members, enabling a comprehensive and meaningful assessment.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Hayley Stacey
Communications Lead