Canada Grains Council Applauds Creation of FPT Working Group on Pesticide Management


Canada Grains Council Applauds Creation of FPT Working Group on Pesticide Management

July 25th, 2023 (Ottawa, ON) – Canada Grains Council (CGC) is pleased to learn about the federal, provincial and territorial ministers’ commitment to establishing an “FPT working group” tasked with exploring pesticide management complexities.

In a letter addressed to the FPT ministers of agriculture ahead of their meetings in Fredericton, N.B., earlier this month, CGC president, Erin Gowriluk, urged the Ministers to prioritize science-based regulation of pesticides and engage in a more structured dialogue on these critical issues.

Gowriluk stresses the importance of involving all levels of government in this critical discussion.

“Each level brings valuable perspectives to the table. For instance, provincial and territorial ministers can address the unique challenges faced by farmers in their regions,” she says. “The establishment of a formal group dedicated to ongoing dialogue ensures accountability and enables proactive discussions informed by the realities of farming in Canada.”

Transparent communication on pesticides is vital for building public trust and gives consumers a better understanding of how these products are used. Pesticides are essential in meeting agricultural and agri-food market demands, providing farmers with valuable tools to grow abundant crops amid heightened geopolitical tensions and global food price inflation. Integrated pest management empowers farmers to apply the right tools at the right time, safeguarding crops and our food, feed and fuel. Consistent government messaging and action are necessary to maintain public trust and uphold Canada’s trade reputation with international partners.

“Our interest lies in upholding the strong reputation of Canadian grains as safe and healthy for consumers and the markets we serve,” says Gowriluk. “Given the rising global demand for Canadian agricultural products, an open dialogue supported by a science-based approach is essential to meet these demands and enhance Canada’s contribution to global food security.”

The establishment of the FPT working group on pesticide management presents an opportunity for meaningful engagement on this vital and timely topic. “We eagerly anticipate learning more about the group’s mandate and how our sector will contribute to the discussion,” adds Gowriluk.

CGC will continue to work on behalf of its members to advocate for the importance of science-based decision-making. The Council stands behind the integrity of Canada’s grain sector, which maintains the highest safety standards for the benefit of Canadian consumers and international markets.


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